How to keep your motorcycle face shield from fogging up

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During the summer when the weather is warm you don’t have to worry about your motorcycle face shield fogging up, but as the fall approaches and the air starts to get a chill your helmet visor might have a tendency to fog up. For the motorcyclist, this can be annoying and more importantly a safety¬† issue.


A couple of products on the market  Rain-X Anti-Fog and MotoSolutions FogTech Anti-Fog work well and both of these product are inexpensive and
east to apply.


After doing some research I found some interesting home remedies, and other ways to keep your visor from fogging.


First thing you can do is try leaving your face open just enough to let some air in. The air flow inside of your helmet can keep your breath from going directly on the shield.


If you ever seen the movie Jaws, Richard Dreyfuss is getting ready to jump in the water, before he puts his face mask on, he spits in it and rubs it on the inside of his mask. This might not be for you but give it a try.


Some other helpful ideas. You can try shaving cream to fog proof your face shield. Spray some shaving cream on the inside of your shield and wipe it off with soft cloth or a micro fiber towel. Don’t use a paper towel (you might scratch your face shield) Shaving cream has many of the same ingredients found in commercial defogger.


A small amount of dish soap. Clean the face shield with the soapy solution and let it dry with the soap on it, then buff it off with a soft cloth. Make certain that the soap drys to a haze before wiping it off, otherwise it’s ineffective.


Shampoo or any other kind of Liquid soap, Just a couple of drops is all it takes, rub it directly onto the inside of your face shield, bring it to a lather,and wipe it off with a clean soft towel.

Happy Riding




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